What Is XM WX Satellite Weather?

ChartplotterXM WX Satellite Weather® is an interactive weather data service for pilots, boaters, storm chasers and anyone else with a need for graphical weather updates on the go.

From radar and winds aloft to sea surface temperatures, wind shear and much more, XM WX delivers the most accurate and timely meteorological and sea state data, using the same reliable satellite technology that powers XM Radio.

Viewable on a diverse lineup of compatible displays, XM WX Satellite Weather’s powerful, reliable signal is continuously broadcast, and available throughout the continental United States and its adjacent waters. The service’s dependable 24/7 data delivery and precision weather data allow users to work or play with confidence and comfort.

Fueled By Accuracy

WxWorx logoXM WX data comes accuracy-assured by WxWorx, a company founded by the leading provider of weather analysis for broadcast television. The same weather precision reaches over 235 million people in the United States every day.

Data subscriptions are offered in specially-crafted service plans customized to each type of user. Visit the Aviation, Marine, or Ground sections to learn more about the different plans.

The Choice Of Industry Leaders

The biggest names in aviation and maritime have thrown their weight behind XM WX Satellite Weather, since the flexibility designed into the service allows XM WX partners to provide customized hardware and software solutions  specific to different types of users. Many partners have even elected to make their technology compatible with XM Satellite Radio, giving users the option of enjoying the highest-quality satellite weather and entertainment available.